Baltimore Entrepreneurship & Leadership Network (BELN)

What’s BELN?

BELN is a group of leaders of social entrepreneurship and leadership programs serving Baltimore. BELN’s mission is to support organizations that help aspiring and existing entrepreneurs and leaders develop their knowledge, skills, connections and access to resources, with the overarching goal of building on the assets of, and responding to the challenges facing, underserved Baltimore residents and communities.

Our Foundational Values

Each of our programs has a different structure and offers different content.  Yet there are values that we share, and which serve to distinguish our work from that of other organizations.

Supporting Participants’ Growth as Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs

We support participants’ growth as individuals, leaders and social entrepreneurs through diverse means including: academic study, reflective learning, skills-building, peer exchanges, community partnerships, mentorship, and networking

Strengthening Non-profit Organizations, Mission-Driven Enterprises, and Public Agencies

Our participants are current or aspiring leaders in the non-profit, private and public sectors.  We help participants strengthen the entities where they work or with whom they have internships or partnerships.

Improving Outcomes for Baltimore Residents and Communities

We view entrepreneurship and leadership as vehicles for listening to, learning from, and working with Baltimore residents, to benefit individuals, families, and their communities.  In partnership with residents, our programs seek to address Baltimore City’s racial and wealth inequities.

BELN Program Descriptions & Offerings

Click here to learn more about all of our programs and offerings, including website and contact information for each.

Incubator vs. Accelerator

What is the difference between an Incubator and an Accelerator? Watch the above video.

An Incubator is a program that supports early-stage startup companies to expedite profitability and success. Incubators provide startups with valuable resources such as free office space, equipment, mentorship, a collaborative community, and networking opportunities with potential funding sources.

An Accelerator program expedites the growth of existing companies that have developed business models and validated products in the marketplace. They provide companies with valuable resources such as mentorship, co-working spaces, and legal services.

#Social Mobility Through Ethical Entrepreneurship